What is the goal of the RLDP?

The main goal of the RLDP was to generate theoretically grounded, relevant, reliable research about leadership of multiracial churches in 21st century America. The findings from this study will impact many different people and organizations both within the scholarly community and beyond it. These include:

  • Scholars. Scholars learn more about the sociological importance of the role of leaders of racially diverse religious organizations in American society and incorporate the findings from this study into their teaching and scholarship, expanding empirical and theoretical knowledge on this topic and related areas of research.
  • Head clergy. Head clergy gain critical knowledge about what is required to effectively serve racially diverse churches, ultimately becoming better equipped to lead their congregations.
  • Denominations and associations. Denominations and associations gain a fuller understanding of the kinds of knowledge, skills and resources needed to develop and build multiracial religious communities and support the people who head them.
  • Divinity schools, seminaries, and religious universities and colleges. These institutions develop curricula that are sociologically informed and effectively prepare future leaders for service of racially and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Congregants. Congregants benefit as religious leaders and the organizations that train them learn how to develop and nurture organizations that foster an inclusive, egalitarian racially and ethnically diverse community.